I offer therapy online on a pro bono basis for clients who lack the necessary financial means. If you are in need of talking to a psychologist online, but currently cannot afford to pay the hourly rates, please consider applying for consideration into the pro bono programme. Pro bono therapy simply means therapy without payments. As in ‘talk to a psychologist for free’.

I reserve five to ten sessions per week to pro bono therapy. All pro bono sessions are online, at fixed hours and of 30-35 minutes duration.

The pro bono programme is made possible via the regular client work to ensure that everybody is welcome here at Mindlang. You, too.

Pro Bono Programme

When you are selected for the pro bono programme, you will initially be offered three sessions without payment. A minimum of two client applications will be accepted for the pro bono programme each month. Counting holidays, this will total a minimum of 20 pro bono clients per year.

Applying for pro bono sessions

Please go to the Mindlang Pro Bono Programme subreddit. You need to register an account at Reddit and join the discussion there, as part of your application process. The people there will help you with advice, tips and guidance.