My name is Frank. I am a licensed clinical psychologist, visitation officer, technical coordinator and technical leader, with experience from both the private and public sector. I’m originally educated at Aarhus University in Denmark, while having lived in Norway, Australia, China and New Zealand. I’m also a tech geek, ultramarathon runner, lazy programmer and dedicated father.

Below you will find information on the history of Mindlang and an FAQ with answers to questions about sessions.

Photo of online psychologist Frank Kjerstein from Mindlang, where you can have video therapy with a psychologist, anywhere in the world, within 24 hours.
At Mindlang you can have a session with a psychologist, anywhere in the world, within 24 hours. © Mindlang, all rights reserved.

The history of Mindlang

The name Mindlang is inspired by Erlang, a general-purpose programming language developed to be both concurrent and functional. Features which take form as core values in developing the company concept.

Mindlang was founded to meet client demand, to eliminate waiting lists and for personal freedom.

Online sessions were suggested to accommodate clients’ work schedule, transport time considerations and (re)location. Others asked for time-sensitive and direct access during periods of emotional distress and requested quick-response phone-based contact throughout these phases. At the same time, a waiting list in excess of three months for new clients’ first session was intolerable for all involved parts.

Lastly, I had a desire to transform the limitations created by existing routines, conventional practices and being bound to a physical location. And to break the restraints of fixed business hours, in order to achieve the flexible availability most domestic and international clients request or need.

I wanted freedom for both clients and myself. Everywhere and anywhere. So, Mindlang as a transitional concept was born.

And I’m glad to be here for you.

FAQ – questions about sessions

Q: I read English adequately, but my spoken English is quite primitive and heavily accented. Can I still book a session?
A: Yes. I’m accustomed to international variations and different levels of spoken English. Although language barriers can be challenging initially, I have rarely seen them turn out insurmountable.

Q: Can you prescribe medicine for me / extend my existing prescription, please?
A: No.

Q: Are you LGBT-friendly?
A: LGBT-neutral or indifferent, unless it’s relevant to or the focus of the session. In those cases, consider me LGBTQIA*-friendly.

Q: I just lost my paycheck and stock options/I am bankrupt/all my assets are frozen/I never had any money. Can I book a session?
A: I run a pro bono programme at Mindlang, which offers free sessions for economically challenged clients.

Q: Do you offer mindfulness-based sessions?
A: No.

Q: What are the rules for canceling sessions?
A: If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you will still be billed for the session.

Q: What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?
A: A psychiatrist is a physician, specialized in diagnosing and treating mental disorders – typically via medication. A psychologist is a clinician, specialized in the human mind, human behavior and mental health.

Q: Are you a licensed/certified/authorized/qualified psychologist?
A: Yes. I acquired my master’s degree in psychology and my post-degree authorization as a psychologist in accordance with Act 494 on the right and duties of psychologists. Psychologist and authorized psychologist are both protected titles, which means that misuse is a criminal offense.

Q: Can I verify your credentials as authorized psychologist somehow?
A: Yes. You can contact the Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences at Aarhus University regarding my degree (+45 8715 0000 / [email protected]) and the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice regarding my authorization (+45 3341 1200 / [email protected]). Both entities will respond to inquiries via phone or email.